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Arrivo Travel Services FAQ

Who is Arrivo Travel exactly?

Arrivo Travel LLC is owned and operated by Raffaella De Amicis. It is an American-based company that launched in October of 2021. To learn more about the human behind the business, visit the About page.

Is this a travel agency?

Arrivo Travel is not a travel agency. You can be assured that any option or service coordinated for you, is the best fit for you. A variety of service levels are available to best suit your needs. Precisely because Arrivo always puts clients first, it does not rely on commissions or kickbacks from vendors.

Is this a tour company?

Nope! Nothing is pre-packaged. All trips start from the beginning, with getting to know you. Complete trip design is one of the services offered, and you can request hosted travel as well.

What is arrivo Then?

Arrivo Travel is designed to help a particular type of traveler. It is less about how much you have traveled and more about what makes you passionate about travel. A more in-depth description can be found on the Welcome page.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on which service level you choose. Trip Coaching is the most budget-conscious option, and hourly consulting can be effective as well. Visit Services for starting price points and to explore the varied options.

Can’t I just use the internet?

Of course you can! It’s a double edged sword now, and it can be hard to sift through the mountains of information. Does the person giving advice have the same travel style and preferences? Is the post (whether for a hotel, activity, location….) sponsored and can you trust that hasn’t unduly influenced the writer? And we all know too well the Instagram effect! If you have the time and patience, then this is absolutely an option on its own or with one of Arrivo’s more hands-off services.

Do you contract other travel agencies?

Arrivo Travel provides all service options in house.. Carefully vetted local guides or specialty tours may be recommended or booked for you, but you will always know that they are independent contractors and not employees of Arrivo Travel.